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Bodyboarding is a sneak peak – sister of surfing. Simpler way of catching the wave. 

We bodyboard mainly in the Baltic Sea  – discover more and better places in which mainly you feel love for the waves  and freedom of the life.

Bodyboarding in Poland is the future.

Bodyboarding is a water sports like surfing. The main objective is to catch a wave.Sport is conventionally divided into two styles: boogieboarding and bodyboarding. You ride in the prone position. You can catch the waves just like on surf or sup board. Also practiced bodyboarding drop knee position (kneeling on one knee).

Facilitating is that we have additionally fins. Fins help get through the white water (foam arising after the collapse of the wave) and the acceleration to catch a wave.



Bodyboard does not resemble the original surfboard, because it has a smaller size and is made of soft material. So you can go back to it for the entire country. It consists mainly of polyethylene, polypropylene, carbon fiber.Bodyboarding is easier than surfing because you are not getting on board just glides on the abdomen. Therefore, if you dream of surfing bodyboarding it is a great introduction.

Polish waves are a good place to learn boogieboarding. You start from small waves that break even in shallow water. If you want to do it recreationally staying at this stage. Instead of lying flat on the beach you can actively spend time playing in the waves with the whole family. However, if you want to feel more adrenaline, choose larger waves that arise in the Baltic Sea during storms or the day after. Once you have mastered the rules of catching a wave possibilities are endless!



Remember that bodyboarding is for everyone.  Do not hesitate just start living your dream! If you do not already have your board, or do not know how to choose it – welcome to the shop, rental and lessons. We will help you match the best bodyboard for you. When you taste the wave speed, fall in love with the sport as we do!

Stationed in Chałupy, bodyboarding where is the best waves in the vicinity of Hel. We are currently in South Africa.


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