iko instructor

Today I realized that working as an instructor iko kite on the basis of standards and eliminates feelings of fear for his student. By using the full range in which it can move kite. A student learns the aerodynamics of the kite a lot faster than many of us who have served floating on kitesuringu – on the waves of course. Generally, theoretically, I felt prepared – within three years of contact with putty knowledge of the subject comes unprecedented. While on the beach and hands-on exercises – I honestly eclipse – it was only when I got home I realized what it was.
1965 or about 60 years practice in the world there are countless number of kitesurfers. each year are new thanks to the lessons and their own experiments. The last 20 years are the years of discovering how to teach in a professional manner. This means that if you want to give your child eat you go to the beach and you train. I believe with you always, you can raise the level of work. do it professionally is our goal.
Accept criticism is not easy, but just so you can learn from those who have the same error had been made.
People to pay for it, so you say what you’re doing wrong. The course was exactly iko. Should last longer and do more integration activities. Psychological exercises that allow you to get out of the square thinking.
Earlier eksperiencja as an instructor kit is recommended. It has pros and cons like everything in life. It should break schemes. Experience of working in a school, but I give the kite advantage over those who start. Knowledge of the situation, which is not described in the Bible iko schemes or sometimes in the imagination of man. To use rate 100 percent is suggested to open up to innovative techniques.
Thank Carlo, Kiki and Marianne for being Kite father.


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iko instructor
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