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Sidi Ifni is a small town in south-western Morocco, located on the Atlantic Ocean. Beautiful beaches, good swell, mountains, wildlife and sunny weather make you want to return.

“Nature was the first – rather than moving away get closer to her”

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“Surf Camp is designed for people who want to learn to surf, or a little did surfing (beginner and intermediate to expert)

three blocks: science of wave, bodyboarding, surfing.

ciziol s daughter of Neptune bring you into the mystery of the wave. The choice is up to you whether you are surfinging or bodyboard.

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Surfing – is a classic. Sport, which strongly affects the rhythm of life. The goal is to get into the wave to then go to the very top. Struggling and reward. Waves in Morocco are friendly to learn. Ocean rollers are equal and energetic. Knowledge of the wave is the basis to survive surfing. It is a pleasant when I now imagine it.

Bodyboarding- considered to be the sister of surfing. It is a sport that is easier because all the time you hold up your hands and abdomen are based on the board. Faster goal is achieved. A good comparison surfing to bodyboarding is kite surfing jump and windsurfing. Who will fly faster when it blows up? Freestyle is still little popularized in Poland. In Moroku you can see the power of body boarding and professionals. Training can be combined.

“The wave will give you the strength, give meaning and slow life”

“Hakuna Matata”

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accommodation and food:


“It will be woken sound of the waves”

Surf Camp is located 200m from the spot where  can be perfectly seen swell in the water.  If you spot at home has nothing to look, we’re going to Legziry or to a port to seek  fortune there (read. Waves)
The surf camp is of course Wi-Fi, each apartment has a kitchen, toilet and shower, and three or four 2-3 bed rooms. At last, the third floor is a terrace where you can chill out and observe the world from above.

“Feel the ocean”

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dates / flight:

first deadline: 23.10 – 30.10 (7 days), the flight from Katowice and Warsaw, Price camp: 380 eur

second deadline: 22.10 – 03.11 (11 days) departure from Berlin Schonefeld, Price camp: 560 eur

“The rays of the autumn sun and salty kisses”

“Collect moments not things”

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“The best thing are for free”

– Accommodation in rooms for 2-3 people in our surf camp (7 nights)
– Breakfast & dinner
– Board,  wetsuit, leash, fins everything you need to surf
– 2 hours. daily surf lessons with an instructor for 6 days
– Equipment available for the entire period
– Transfer from airport
– Transfer to other spots in the area (Legzira, Port of Sidi Ifni, Mirleft, Sidi Warzeg)
Price does not include: insurance, flight

380 eur  7 days

560 eur 11 days




contact and brain of operations



tel.  +48 603 614 133



tel. +48 604 10 83 83








Surfing Marocco
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